Winterizing Your Home



    Winter is coming! If you want to stay cozy on cold nights try these 8 tips to winterize your home. BONUS: most of the tips will help cut down on your utility bill. Woo! Here a few ideas to get you started…

    1. Gutters: Clean those babies out. Use a leaf blower, or climb up a latter and scoop the debris out of the gutters. It will help prevent water collecting in your gutters and freezing.
    2. Replace filers in HVAC system: regularly replacing filters in your heating and air-conditioning units will greatly improve efficiency. How often should you replace them? That depend on the type of unit you have, the size of the filter, and lifestyle. You should check the manufacturers suggestions but below is a decent rule of thumb:
      Vacation home/home without allergies or pets: every 4-6 months.
      Home with allergies but without pets: 2 months.
      Home with a dog or cat: every 60 days.
      Home with pet and allergies: every 30-45 days.
    3. Programmable Thermostat: switching to a programmable thermostat and turning the heat down when you’re not home can save you big bucks on your utility bill. Woo!
    4. Caulk gaps in windows, doors, and siding: sealing gaps will help prevent drafty nights, and your heating unit won’t have to work as hard. Plus, it will clean up those untidy edges making everything look sharp!
    5. Flush water heater: sediment can collect at the bottom of the water heater preventing it from working at full capacity. Drain it from the drain valve at the bottom of the heater, shown below.
    6. Weather Strip Tape: weatherstripping around windows and doors will help prevent the outside weather from coming inside for a visit, ensuring a warm and dry home.
    7. Draft Guards: slip a draft guard around the bottom of a drafty door to cut down on utility bills and to keep you warm. They come in a variety of shapes and designs. Do you like dogs? How about Aztec designs? Wood? Do you love white? Yep, a simple search online will pull up all these options.
    8. Insulation: If you want to go for gold…it might be time to check and re-insulate your home. Fiberglass, rock-wool, denim, blown-in, radiant barrier, spray foam, rigid…oh my, lots to choose from! Talk to a professional or get advice from your local home improvement store to see which type of insulation is best for your needs.

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    • Alvin B. Fenwick

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      How such nice tips to winterize the house! I truly need the time to replace HVAC since I have no idea when I should do. Now, I got your article and everything is clear. Thanks for sharing, guys!


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