Wild Bill Hickok vs Davis Tutt: The Nations First Quick Draw Duel

    On July 21st, 1865 the nations first one-on-one quick draw duel took place on the square in Springfield Missouri.

    It began over a poker game in Kelly Kerr Saloon, located on Park Central Square. Davis K Tutt claimed Wild Bill Hickok owned him money from the poker game and as collateral he took Hickok’s watch, which he wore in public to taunt and prove that Hickok did not pay his debts. The two men apparently attempted to negotiate the return of the watch with Wild Bill giving his final warning, “Don’t you come around here with that watch.” Upon hearing the words, Tutt replied by placing his hand on his pistol.

    Facing each other sideways in a dueling position from 75 yards apart, both men drew their guns simultaneously. Tutt barely missed Wild Bill’s head. The bullet Wild Bill shot passed directly through Tutt’s heart, who staggered to the nearest building before collapsing.

    Wild Bill was acquitted of manslaughter after a three-day trial.


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