Top Friendship Movie Picks

    15. Dumb & Dumber

    “That was genius, Lloyd, sheer genius. I mean where did you come up with a scam like that?”

    14. My Girl

    About Heaven: “I think… everybody gets their own white horse and all they do is ride them and eat marshmallows all day. And everybody’s best friends with everybody else. When you play sports, there’s no teams, so nobody gets picked last.”

    13. Bridesmaids

    “At first I did not know it was your diary, I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.”

    12. Nine to Five

    “So! You’ve been telling everybody I’m sleeping with you, huh? Well, that explains why these people treat me like some dime-store floozy.
    They all think I’m screwing the boss!”

    11. Wayne’s World

    Stacy: Don’t you want to open your present?

    Wayne Campbell: If it’s a severed head, I’m going to be very upset.

    10. E.T.

    “He needs to go home; he’s calling his people. And I don’t know where they are, but he needs to go home.”

    9. The Breakfast Club

    “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”

    8. Ghost World

    “Some people are ok but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody.”

    7. Clueless

     “Cher’s saving herself for Luke Perry.”

    6. Fried Green Tomatoes

    “A heart can be broken, but it will keep beating just the same.”

    5. Steel Magnolias

    “I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in a very bad mood 40 years!”

    4. Stand By Me

    “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

    3. Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

    Michele: Remember the prom? You got so thin by then.

    Romy: Oh, I know. I was so lucky getting mono. That was like the best diet ever.

    2. Thelma & Louise

    “I think I fucked up. I think I got us in a situation where we both could get killed. Damn, I don’t know why I just didn’t go to the police right away.”


    “I don’t even remember what it was I was mad about and I don’t care. Whatever it was that you did, I forgive you.”

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