Throw Pillows!

    Throw pillows are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the feel of your living room or bedroom. They add color, character, and pizzazz. Yep, that’s right…pizzazz.

    Check out some of our favorite throw pillows below!



    Glamour Flock Gold-White Rectangular Throw Pillow

    The design is glamorous, and we love the combination of gold and white.


    Faux Gold and Black Starry Night Pillow

    Gold and black is another great comination. Turn the pillow with the black on the bottom and it looks like a nighttime cityscape!


    Florent Bodart Zest I Throw Pillow

    The wheels are lemons. THE WHEELS ARE LEMONS.


    Pink & Grey Gradient Cubes

    The rose and gray and gold are beautiful in this. Plus, geometric shapes are, like, totally IN.


    Indigo Sky

    This reminds of us of a being on the beach at dusk, beautiful blues everywhere!


    Perceptive Dream

    Bring nature inside with this beautiful leaf pillow in greens and blues.


    Pineapple Pillow

    CUTE pineapple pillow! Loving the gold, black, and pink.


    Block Throw Pillow

    Block design in red, yellow, white, and black! Ugh, so cute. It also comes in blue (instead of the red).


    Solid Textured Pillow

    Same color, different textures! So awesome.


    Pink Embroidered Floral Pillow

    Pretty pink flowers in a Havana-esque design. This pillow will make your living room feel like spring-time even in the coldest of weather.


    Cactus Throw Pillow

    Who doesn’t need a cactus pillow? I have no idea! EVERYONE needs a cactus pillow.


    Cream & Diamond Throw Pillow with Tassels

    The tassels, the diamond design – love!


    Crimson Cable Knit Pillow

    This red!!! The cable knit! Cuddle up to this pillow and dream of wearing a sweater of the same knit while traveling Ireland. Huh? Idk, that’s what it made us dream of.


    Quilted Lumbar Pillow

    Sorry, but this pillow gives us the biggest heart eyes. The design, the stitching, the color!


    Yarn Dyed Texture & Tassel Pillow

    Sweet Easter colors and tassels…yes, please!


    Navy & Denim Embroidered Pillow

    There’s something about navy and pink together. And those cute pompoms!


    Handmade Rabari Cotton Pillow

    The brightness of this pink, yellow, navy pillow! Gorgeous.


    Pink, Yellow, Black Hand Embroidered Rabari Pillow

    Hand stitched and beautiful color choices!


    Chunky Plum Hand Knit Pillow

    Another sweater pillow in plum this time! Purple is expected to be the color of 2018!


    Southwest Boho Pillow

    Loving these tassel pillows!


    Art Throw Pillow

    Art work ON your pillow? Why not! The colors are gorgeous, too.



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