The Cutest Ways for your Porch to Announce it’s Summertime…

    Add a bouquet of flowers in a deep pink hue.

    A wide variety of plants, including flowering ones, and some herbs.

    Add hydrangea’s in green and white, or your favorite colors.

    A flowered wreath in white and green is classic and beautiful.

    Fresh and potted flowers welcome guests.

    Lavender! It’s the color for 2018, after-all.

    A lemon wreath…ahhhhh, it’s so cute.

    Pretty pink vintage rugs, pillows, and decorative ornamental grass.

    Brightly colored throw pillows in a variety of patterns.

    Wild flowers, and fresh hatched eggs.

    A pretty wreath in yellow.

    String lights, and decorate in navy blue and white for a nautical feel.

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