Reducing Sun Damage to Your Floors & Furniture

    Sure, Granny Sue or Aunt Betty may have covered their furniture with plastic or sheets, which helps, but isn’t the prettiest way to protect your belongings. With new technology comes new alternatives to fighting the fade of the sun. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate ALL fading, unless you put your cherished items in a windowless room, but below you will find a few options that will help.

    Keep in mind: There are three main culprits in the spectrum of light: UVA and UVB rays cause 45 percent of the damage; heat/infrared radiation causes 25 percent; and visible light causes 25 percent, according to industry expert Ron Best of Protection Seattle.

    1. WINDOW TREATMENTS: Sun-blocking curtains, especially ones with a white liner that reflect the sun, will help tremendously. Draw your curtains when you’re not home, and especially when the sun is shining directly into the window. This may not be the best alternative for people who like lots of natural sunlight (me) and so….
    2. UPGRADE YOUR WINDOWS: This is obviously more expensive than buying curtains but new windows will pay off in the long run, especially in helping with utility bills. Windows that are laminated or with low-e coated glass can filter UV rays.
    3. WINDOW FILM: If you’re not in the market to replace your windows, try a window film. The film will filter some UV light and assists in heat loss. Make sure to discuss with the manufacturer the protection of the film; aka, the percentage of protection and which sun rays are limited. Some films may be too dark for some rooms and may change the color of the outside world, which may not be appealing for all people. It’s an inexpensive option, however, while still allowing in some natural light.

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