PRO TIP: how to paint your ceiling like a PRO

    For anyone who has ever painted a ceiling, you know the hassle! Plus, the paint splatters…everywhere. Here are our top tips to avoid the headache:

    1. SAND. Yes, you need to sand. The easiest is to use a sanding pole and then use a damp sponge to remove the dust. If you’re sanding an untextured ceiling you can use a 100-grit sanding paper.
    2. Use a stain blocking primer.
      If you’re painting over a ceiling that is stained from smoke, you can use one coat of shellac and then a coat of latex.
    3. Evaluate the paint you’ll need.
      Ceiling paint is specially formulated for ceiling application. It has a slow dry time and is flat, and not glossy.
    4. Tape off and cut in BEFORE you roll.
      People like to skip this step because it’s time consuming, but it will make all the difference in the long run. It will minimize messes and splatter, and it will look MUCH more professional.
    5. Roll both ways.
      For the best coverage, do a roll in both direction.
    6. Don’t be afraid of color, wood designs, and dark color.





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