Checking and maintaining your AC unit is very important to ensure proper function. Plus, you don’t want to be caught in an emergency situation in these record high temps.

    Here are our TOP TIPS in making sure your air conditioner is TIP TOP:

    1. HAVE AN HVAC PROFESSIONAL SERVICE YOUR AC UNIT: You should have a professional look at your unit once a year, ideally before you begin using the unit. They will clean your unit, check refrigerant levels, ensure the coils are clean and there isn’t any faulty wiring, and make sure the fan is functioning properly.

    2. CHANGE FILTERS: You should change your filter ONCE A MONTH during high usage, and every 1-3 months if you aren’t using the AC very often. This will also help the unit function at maximum efficiency and lower your utility bill.
    3. PRUNE SHRUBS: make sure the AC unit is free of any debris and shrubs and plants near the unit are trimmed regularly.

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