Potted Plants with BIG Impact


    Choose your POT…

    You’ll want to pick your pot first so you’ll know how many plants and how much soil you’ll need. If the pot doesn’t have drainage holes at the bottom, you’ll need to drill some.

    SOIL DEPTH is important…

    Soil depth will depend on the type of plants you’re using:

    Annuals – 12 inches
    Perennials – 12 to 18 inches
    Shrubs – 18 inches to 2 feet
    Small trees – 3 feet

    If your pot is deeper than the recommended soil depth, use a filler.



    Lightweight fillers work wonders especially for large potted plants.
    You won’t have to use as much soil and the pots will be easier to move.

    Plastic pots – recycle the plastic pots the plants came in.
    Step on the plastic pots to flatten them a little bit and layer the bottom of the pot.

    Plastic bottles – milk jugs and soda bottles will finally be put to good use!
    Be sure the lids of the bottles are secure so the bottles don’t fill and retain water.
    You can use glass bottles too but they are heavier, and
    potentially more dangerous if they break…be careful.

    Nut shells – have a pecan tree? Crunch the shells at the bottom of the pot for instant filler.

    Packing peanuts – these work great for taking up space and are very lightweight.

    **PLEASE NOTE: resist using fillers if you’re potting edibles. Most vegetables need as much soil as possible.

    Cover your filler with a weed-barrier cloth, top with soil and get to planting!

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