Our ULTIMATE Guide to Making 2018 the BEST YEAR YET

    Let’s focus on YOU…

    STOP FAD DIETS & STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT YOUR BODY: Yep, that’s right. Listen, we get it, the pressure to look a certain way permeates our society. But fad diets don’t work and neither does freaking out. So, like, don’t do that anymore. What if you just made a choice to eat foods that are good for your body, don’t over eat, drink water, work-out (pick something you like that makes you feel STRONG). Give it a few months of consistency and then check-in with yourself – “do I feel better?” “do I feel stronger?” “am I sleeping better?” And THEN make the choice to love yourself and your body. It may not be perfect but that body of yours is pretty awesome…it laughs, it hugs, it learns, it moves, it eats, and so much more.

    TREAT YO SELF: Every day. What. Every DAY? Yes! Take time for yourself every single day and do something you love. Even if it’s only 15 minutes of yoga, or 5 minutes of reading, or an hour coffee date with a dear friend. It will make YOU a better YOU.

    DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU: We’re not talking about climbing into a pit of snakes, or bungee jumping. We’re talking about the smaller things that limit your ability to be successful and happy. Are you not taking that foreign language class because something about it scares you? Yeah, do it anyway. Are you not taking yoga because something about it scares you? Yeah, do it anyway. Are you not going on that trip because you’ll be alone and that scares you? Yeah, do it anyway. Do it. See what you’re made of. It will broaden your horizons and make you feel more confident. And more likely than not, you’ll have a good story to tell your friends.

    Let’s focus on OTHERS…

    VOLUNTEER: Yes. It’s time to invest in your community. Volunteer Match can help you find just the right non-profit for you. Volunteering will open your eyes, give you the “feel-goods,” and help your community and fellow brothers and sisters. If you need more reasons than that, call me.

    WRITE A LETTER ONCE A MONTH: Pick a friend or family member and write them a letter. Just like the good old days! Tell them something interesting that’s happening in your life, or about a book you’re reading, or a recipe you love, or just ramble. Then fold the letter, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mail it. Getting personal letters and cards in the mail is THE BEST.

    LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS, ACT: Make an effort to listen to the people you care about, and ask them questions. They’ll reveal themselves at some point and you’ll have a little aha moment. It might be something they’re struggling with…help them in any way you can. It might be an idea they have and need help putting it into action…help them in any way you can. Listen, ask questions, act.

    Let’s focus on your HOUSE…

    SAVE ENERGY: If you don’t have one, you seriously need a programmable thermostat. Seriously. It’s good for energy resources and your bill.

    SAVE WATER: Rain barrels, rain barrels, rain barrels, y’all. You can irrigate your lawn and garden FOR FREE. The cost of a commercial barrel runs around $40-$200. Or you can make your own – you can find step by step guide HERE.

    ORGANIZE: Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year. Have a garage sale or donate it. Minimizing and de-cluttering has been proven to lessen anxiety and make people more productive. Who wouldn’t want that??

    HAVE A GREAT 2018, EVERYONE!!!!!

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