Home Tips: Keeping Animals Out of Your Garden



    1. Chicken Wire Cloch

    This cute gadget helps protect seedlings, and from nibbling wildlife and curious cats.

    2. Coffee Grounds

    Coffee grounds are great at repelling slugs, cats, and deer. Coffee grounds are also an excellent compost as the grounds add nitrogen to your soil and increase it’s acidity.

    3. Scented Soap

    Scented soap works especially well for keeping deer at by. Try hanging nylon or cheesecloth bags full of scented soap around your garden. Depending on the size of your garden, you may need to hang a lot of soap. NOTE: don’t pick a soap that uses coconut oil or you may attract deer.


    4. Herbs

    Some animals are repelled by certain herbs such as oregano, thyme, chives, dill, tarragon, and mint.

    5. Vinegar, Peppers, Citrus

    Certain animals are deterred by the smell of vinegar, hot pepper flakes, and orange peels. Vinegar – soak corn cobs in vinegar and place them around your garden. You may need to repeat this every week or two. Hot pepper flakes – sprinkle hot pepper flakes around the base of plants, or spray chile water around the garden and ON the plants. Orange peel –  sprinkle orange peel all over the garden, especially around the base of plants.

    6. Bait & Switch

    Plant an alternative garden away from your fruit and veggie garden that animals will prefer. For example, rabbits love dandelions and clover. Deer also love clover and berries.

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