Home Tips: How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

    How to Clean Your Coffee Maker


    For a lot of people, a fresh cup (or three) of coffee is the best way to get their morning going. If you’re an avid coffee drinker chances are you have your own coffee maker at home, but did you know that you were supposed to be cleaning your coffee maker regularly?

    Like any other appliance in your house, your coffee maker should undergo a regular cleaning to keep it bacteria-free and your coffee tasting fresh. Chances are if your coffee isn’t tasting like it should then you probably haven’t cleaned your coffee maker in a while. In fact, many people don’t even realize that their coffee maker is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold, but considering the reservoir can contain a higher germ count than some places in your bathroom-it definitely is.

    If you’re one of the people that didn’t know you needed to clean your coffee maker until reading this, or are looking for easy ways to keep your machine clean and your coffee tasting up to par-no worries just follow these steps:

    1. Wash Removable Parts Daily

    The initial recommendation is to wash removable parts after each use, but come on…who has time for that in the morning? At the end of each day, hand wash the removable parts of your coffee maker in warm water with soap. Most of the time these are also dishwasher safe (even better) but check to make sure before placing them in the dishwasher! Don’t forget to also wipe down the exterior of the machine and the warming plate where spills can occur. It’s also recommended to leave the reservoir lid open, allowing it to dry out between uses and prevent bacteria from growing.

    2. Decalcify Monthly

    Have you noticed that it’s taking longer and longer for your coffee to drip every morning? Is that because you literally feel like you can’t start your day without it and time is going by way too slowly, or because your machine has a buildup of hard water minerals? Probably both honestly, but we can only offer a solution to the latter problem.

    Over time, hard water minerals can build up inside of your coffee maker which can cause your coffee to take a little longer to drip than it should. Luckily, there’s a cheap and easy fix for this calcium buildup: white vinegar!

    *At least* once a month fill the reservoir up with equal parts of water and white vinegar, and place a paper filter into machine’s empty (important) basket. Go ahead and brew the solution halfway, then turn your coffee maker off, and let it all sit for at least 30 min. Then, turn the machine back on and finish brewing the rest of the vinegar/water solution. Once it’s done, pour it out into the sink and repeat the process with clean water (no vinegar this time).

    Feel free to repeat this process until you feel like your machine is running smoothly again. Bonus: the white vinegar can help disinfect and deodorize your machine, so repeating this process regularly won’t hurt anything.

    3. Clean Your Carafe

    You should be doing this after each use, but at the very least make sure you’re washing your carafe daily!

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