Home Tips: Furniture That Doubles as Storage Space

    We could all use some extra storage space in our homes. Whether you have a small or large living room, having extra space to store throw blankets or your favorite board games without cluttering up the room is a major win. We’ve found a few pieces of furniture that can act as additional storage space while keeping your living room neat and stylish.

    1. Tiered Coffee Table

    Coffee tables instantly add character to your living room. Get one that’s tiered so you have an extra shelf to store magazines, games, or add decorations below while still having a functional table for drinks, remotes, etc!

    You can shop this one from Pottery Barn here.

    2. Ottoman with storage

    An ottoman is a great addition to a living room! This one can act as an add-on to your couch, an extra seat for guests, AND a secret storage space for any throw blankets or pillows!

    You can shop this one from Ikea here!

    3. End Tables

    Not only are end tables functional pieces of furniture for your living room, they can also act as additional storage. These end tables have drawers to store things like extra remote batteries or chargers without a mess!

    You can shop these here!

    4. Entertainment Center

    Find an entertainment center with shelves, drawers, or cabinets that all you to store any video game devices, controllers, or satellite tv boxes without looking like a hot mess! This one has both shelves and cabinets, allowing you to store necessary items and decor!

    PLUS it’s on sale! You can shop this exact one here.

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