HOME TIP: Creating the Perfect Patio for Your Personality

    BOHEMIAN…The free-thinker

    The trick here is to mix & match prints and textures, while making sure everything compliments each other.
    Keep it bright and fun. Leather poufs, faux fur seat covers, and southwest prints work great.


    Use white metal furniture with elaborate details, paired with soft white cushions/draped fabrics, and big flowers in either light pink or lavender. Candles or draped lights will add to the romanticism after dark.


    FARMHOUSE…The sweetheart

    Wooden chairs in any color but pair with feminine white fabrics (lace, eyelet). Lots of pillows in soft cottons. In a white pitcher place either wild flowers, lavender, or cut some branches from a bush or small tree.


    OLD HOLLYWOOD…The entertainer

    You don’t need a pool to pull off this look. You’ll need lounge chairs in rows for sunbathing. In the bar area, add pretty colored glasses and retro soda’s in glass bottles. Top drinks with umbrellas. Finish the look by adding a few potted Cornstalk Dracaena or Parlor Palms to give it that palm-tree look!

    MOROCCAN…The yogi

    The key here is bright colors and LOTS of pillows. You’re going to be sitting cross-legged and drinking tea or punch, so make sure it’s comfortable. Add hanging glass/metal lanterns in a variety of colors and designs.



    Wicker furniture with cushions in pale pink or white. Add roses, ivy, and tall candles displayed on a column or large base, which help illicit a church-courtyard feel. Sweet touches like delicate tea cups in floral designs and small, savory biscuits will top off the feel and look.


    TRADITIONAL…The nurturer

    You can go with almost any color here but if you want the Traditional look, make sure everything is the same color. No mixing and matching. Big, comfy cushions and pillows will make you feel like you’ve pulled your living room outside. The lines of the furniture should be curved, and not straight, which is more indicitive of a Modern style. Real wood or wicker in deeper colors will help the look seem more contemporary. 


    MODERN…The idealist

    Look for straight lines in neutral hues, grey, black and white, especially. Materials can be faux leather or wicker for the furniture and try concrete for side tables. The decor should be minimalist and without any frills. Yellow is a fantastic accent color for this style. Try planting tall straight plants,
    and not many flowers, if any.










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