Getting into Listing Shape

    You have made the commitment to List your home.  Whether you are out of room in your current house, being transferred for work or ready to downsize, you have decided, It’s Time. Now what? Making that commitment is a BIG deal. That means you are saying, “I am ready to take the necessary steps to get my house SOLD to move on to the next chapter of my life.” With that being said, we have some work to do.

    Not everyone lives in a model home. Heck, I would say 99% of us don’t. But now that you are going on “the market” it’s time to get whipped into shape. Let’s first start off by decluttering. Over time, we accumulate “stuff.” Where it came from, most of us don’t even know but we have gotten used to it over the years and don’t even realize it’s there. Let’s break this down into the main areas. Here we will go over the Main areas you need to declutter. Once you get those areas done, you can work on the other areas as we go.

    FirstThe Kitchen  178437569

    Take a look at your Countertops. Are they covered in toasters, blenders, cook books and random kitchen items? If so, we need to find a permeant home for them in a cabinet or pantry. Next, take a look on top of your fridge. Is there an arsenal of cereal boxes or dry goods? Let’s find them a home also. Why? When a Buyer walks through your kitchen and can’t see the counters because of all the “stuff” what you are saying is, “there’s not enough cabinet space in here, that’s why I have to store everything on the counters.” Whether that is true or not, that is what the Buyer is thinking. Lastly, scrub your microwave and oven down. You may think that is trivial but I can tell you over 70% of people open these appliances and judge how you have taken care of your home by the look of these two items.

    Next – The Master Suite.

    Did you catch the correct name of that room? “The MASTER SUITE.” Does your Master bedroom feel like a Master Bedroom? If not, it’s time it does. If your Master bedroom is on the smaller side, it’s time to remove some of the furniture. It may not be ideal but if it means getting your house SOLD faster, it will be worth it, right? Have a funky color painted in there? Then we need to go to something neutral. Fluff up the pillows and it may be time to buy a new bedspread. We want the room to feel large, open, clean and comfortable. That also goes for the Master Bathroom and Closet. Declutter, declutter, declutter. Scrub that shower until it sparkles. Get rid of all the dusty “un-used” bath soap that so many of us have. Buy a new hand towel and bath mat. Make it feel as much like a Luxury Hotel, as possible. As for the closet, pack away all the clothes that you are currently not wearing or not in season. Same goes for your shoes. We want the closet to feel as large as possible. Master Closets are a BIG deal. So get the totes out and pack away.

    Lastly – Touch up.

    I want you to go through every room in your house (including the garage) and check for any old water stains that may have developed. Over time, we get use to those and don’t think they are a big deal. Well, they are. Even if they are not currently leaking, you need to correct those areas. If not, you are telling the Buyers that come through, “That may or may not be an active leak but I don’t care enough to fix it to find out.” Let’s not draw attention to things that don’t need attention. This also goes for any type of holes in your walls that will draw concern. Go ahead and patch those up and paint.

    This is just a starter list. We will go into greater detail at your “Pre-list Appointment.” I promise, if you follow our direction, not only will you get more money for your home but it will be on the market for less time and isn’t that what every Seller wants?

    Until Next Time…

    Ginnett Sturdefant

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    Ginnett Sturdefant

    I have lived in the Greater Ozarks area my entire life. I graduated high school from Nixa and then went on to get my Bachelors in Business Management from Evangel University. I love living in the Ozarks. We have great local musicians, our Springfield Cashew Chicken is pretty darn good and we have great local communities that get their residents involved in community events, festivals and our schools. Pair all that with being within 30 min of the lakes and it's good living.

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