417 Insider: World’s Largest Fork

    Springfield, Missouri the home of Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken, Brad Pitt, and….the World’s Largest Fork?

    That’s right folks! Springfield, Missouri is home to a few famous things, but did you know among those things is the World’s Largest Fork?

    If you’ve been around the Springfield area for a while now, you might remember this giant fork sitting outside of what is currently Primas Mexican Grill on S. Glenstone. After the original restaurant it sat outside of closed down, however, the fork found a new home outside of Noble & Associates in Chesterfield Village.

    Why an office building?

    A giant fork sitting outside of a restaurant makes sense right, so why would they move it? Moving the fork to an office building might seem odd at first, but it’s actually brilliant. According to their website, Noble & Associates has been a “food-focused, full-service marketing agency since 1969.” With clients such as Otis Spunkmeyer, Kraft, and more- the agency is a perfect location for the fork to reside.


    Located at the base of the structure is this sign giving a few fun facts about the fork. Next time you’re in town stop by and take a fun photo and hashtag it with #worldslargestfork!

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