417 Featured: Sno Ballz

    Summer is finally here, and the warmer weather means you’ll need a sweet treat to cool you down, right?! No worries, Sno Ballz in Ozark has you covered!

    Unlike a traditional “sno cone” made with crushed ice and minimal syrup, “sno balls” are made with shaved ice giving them a fluffier texture and doused with syrup to make sure every bite is delicious! All of the flavors are shipped in directly from Hawaii and they. are. good. The menu is long, allowing you to choose any flavor combination you want, or try one of the many flavor combos they’ve already put together! Want to get a little crazier? Add some Pop Rocks, a scoop of ice cream, or a sno-cap!

    As if this wasn’t enough, the actual building is the cutest shade of blue, complete with adorable red and white striped awnings-making it the perfect background for your next insta pic.

    PLUS they’re open 7 days a week from 12-9pm-giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy a sno ball all summer long!

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