417 Featured: La Boba Cafe

    If you’ve been on the West Coast any time recently, you’ve probably seen several “bubble tea” shops. If you haven’t, you may be wondering what in the world bubble tea even is?!

    Bubble tea, also known as milk tea, is a combination of milk and tea with a creamy texture. Milk tea is sweet, served on ice, and comes in a variety of flavors. Often, it is also served with add-ins that give it extra texture, like fruit-flavored jelly or boba (chewy pearls of tapioca).

    Whether you’re a bubble tea regular, or you’ve never tried it before La Boba Cafe in Springfield has you covered! Located on W. Sunshine, La Boba Cafe is Springfield’s first bubble tea cafe. They serve a variety of flavors of bubble/milk tea, including: black milk tea, lychee, green apple, strawberry and more! Their menu isn’t strictly milk teas though! They also serve normal iced teas, hot and cold coffee drinks, snow cones, rolled ice cream, and more! Go check them out!

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