417 Featured: Hurts Donut Company

    Who doesn’t love a good donut? Whether you’re a fan of the classic glazed pastry or have really been craving a dill pickle donut, Hurts has you covered.

    Their menu features over 70 different varieties of donuts, with new flavors constantly being added for limited times! These aren’t your classic donuts…unless you want a classic donut because they have those too. Hurts donuts are large, full of flavor, and incredibly unique.

    Their menu also offers cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, donut holes, milk, coffee, and donut milkshakes. Yes, you read that right…they sell donut milkshakes too.

    As if their donuts weren’t good enough, the company’s mission is even better. Owners Tim and Kas Clegg place a significant importance on giving back to the communities that their stores are located in. They have raised money for several organizations within our own Springfield community, and their franchise stores do the same in their own communities!

    Currently, there are two Hurts Donut Company locations in Springfield (320 Park Central W, and 1111 E. Republic Rd) so stop by and grab a treat!


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