417 Featured: Crave Cookie Dough

    Let’s be honest, the best part about making cookies is getting to eat the cookie dough. Despite all of the warnings telling you not to do so, you know you always sneak at least a bite (or 5 if you’re anything like me) of the dough before it goes into the oven.

    Thanks to the newest dessert shop in Springfield, we no longer have to worry about eating raw cookie dough that could potentially make us get sick. At Crave Cookie Dough located downtown, all of their cookie dough is safe to eat and just as delicious as ever! How? How do they make cookie dough that’s edible and doesn’t come with the chance you could contract salmonella??? They still use eggs, but instead of raw eggs they use pasteurized eggs which are heat treated up to 138º making them safe to eat and they also heat treat the flour before mixing.

    They offer various dough flavors including; Pure Cookie Dough, Mini Chocolate Chipper, Em N Em (M&M candy), Omg, PB (peanut butter),  Doughble Chocolate, Hella Nutella, and more!

    And it doesn’t just stop at cookie dough! You can order ice cream/cookie sandwiches, shakes, baked cookies, coffee and more!



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