417 EATS: Soo’s Korean Restaurant

    If you haven’t tried Soo’s, you’re missing out! Authentic, full of flavor, and hearty portions. Go hungry and be ready to try a variety of amazing flavors. If this is your first time trying Korean food, we highly suggest one of these amazing dishes:

    • Bibimbap – a bowl of warm rice topped with sauteed vegetables, seasoned with chili pepper and soy sauce, and topped with a raw or fried egg and sliced meat;
    • Bulgogi – thinly sliced, seasoned beef or pork;
    • Sundubu jjigae – (pictured above) a soft tofu stew, made with vegetables, seasoned with chili, and served with a bowl of rice. The stew is cooked directly in a stone pot and served hot, and bubbling.

    Maybe the best part of Korean cuisine is banchan (pictured above), the small dishes served with your meal and meant to be shared with the table. At Soo’s the banchan are both kimchi (fermented vegetables, usually seasoned with chili and salt) and namul (steamed or marinated vegetables, usually seasoned with sesame oil, salt, vinegar, garlic, onions, or chili). Fermented cucumbers and cabbage, marinated broccoli and bean sprouts, seasoned sweet potatoes…yum yum YUM. You might even want to invite a friend who will tell you to try the Kim Kim sauce and you’ll be like, “how?? how did things just get more YUM??” And that is, perhaps, the exact moment you’ll start believing in magic.

    The environment is laid-back. The staff are friendly and helpful. A definite MUST-GO restaurant in 417-land.


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